Investment and innovation - for a modern health care

Carasent is an investment management company with a special focus on businesses that develop entrepreneurial and e-health solutions. 

We believe in innovation that offers a new kind of accessibility and availability for patients and practises, and offer intellectual and financial capital for participants that wishes to provide high quality services.

In the spring of 2018 Apptix ASA, now Carasent, acquired Evimeria EMR AB, a swedish company that deliver web based solutions and electronic medical records (EMRs). An important goal with the investment was to create new possibilities for our businesses. 

Our strategies and assets makes it possible for the companies to grow and establish new and increased market presence. 

Carasent ASA - Status and potential effects of Covid-19

Due to the rapid change in the pandemic situation and the continuous change of preventive measures recommended in Sweden we see substantial uncertainty in the marketplace going forward. 

This will most likely have some effect on Carasent ASA’s subsidiary, Evimeria EMR AB. As of today there has been no activity slowdown in our existing customer base, while we have seen a rapid increase of demand for digital integrated services, such as video- and chat functionality.

Going forward, however, it is believed that social distancing and other priorities will temporary negatively affect customer acquisitions and slow down customer implementations as well as some operational customer activity.

Due to the uncertainty pertaining to the implications this year, Carasent ASA withdraws its 2020 guidance. At this stage, we do not believe the effect to be dramatic and we will continue to invest in our expansion projects with regards to new segments, geographies and new services. 

Long term, we reiterate our market view. The market development, seen from a fundamental perspective – that is, the need for a growing healthcare sector and need for new value-creating and effective digital solutions – is very strong. 

The background to this is the underlying trends, with a growing ageing population and an increased outpatient healthcare in a hard-pressed public sector.

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Smart and sustainable development

We believe in healthy development. Many, but small steps forward, to reach new levels of growth and expansion. Every company have different needs when it comes to investments and goals, and therefore we make sure to map out your specifik pre-conditions before we launch a new project or campain. 

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