Carasent ASA Unveils Ambitious Long-Term Financial Targets at Capital Markets Day

Carasent ASA is set to embark on an exciting new phase as it updates its long-term financial targets for revenue growth and profitability. The detailed presentation will take place today at the Capital Markets Day (CMD).

Carasent is eyeing an average annual organic revenue growth exceeding 15% from 2024 to 2026. The Company is also dedicated to enhancing profitability, aiming for a reported EBITDA margin of 25% and a reported EBITDAC (EBITDA – capex) margin of 15% by 2026. While these financial targets are designed for a long-term perspective, the company acknowledges there may be variations between quarters.

Daniel Öhman, CEO of Carasent, expressed enthusiasm about the new phase, stating, 

– Carasent is entering an exciting new phase building upon our leading market positions and unique offering. We are currently investing heavily in product development that will drive long-term revenue growth. We aim to grow our revenues considerably faster than our costs during the next few years, leading to increasing margins.

Long-Term Financial Targets:

  • Average annual organic revenue growth above 15% during 2024-2026.
  • EBITDA margin to reach 25% by 2026.
  • EBITDAC margin to reach 15% by 2026.

The company emphasizes that it is executing its strategy to achieve these targets within its current structure, with potential acquisitions not factored into the equation.

The CMD, scheduled at Carnegie Head office in Stockholm at 14:00, will provide investors and analysts with an in-depth understanding of Carasent’s structure, growth journey, potential for acquisitions, and international expansion plans. The event will feature a live webcast accessible on the company’s website, and a Q&A session with management.

Click here to view the webcast

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