Evimeria EMR - eHealth systems and solutions

Evimeria EMR offers modern digital eHealth services for the Nordic region. The company’s main goal is to be a modern and innovative choice in a transformative industry and the solutions are aimed primarily at specialist care, primary care and paramedics.

Another important part of the business is to develop web based systems that are able to interact in both simple as well as standardized ways.  

Evimeria’s digital solutions also provide versatile and scalable functionality within one single platform. Modern health care is changing and requires flexible solutions that can be easily expanded and scaled in accordance with the varied conditions. 

Below you find summarised information about some of Evimeria’s products and services. 
For more information visit https://evimeria.se

Our offer: Seamless integrations, safety & functionality

WEBDOC: Webdoc is a web-based care management system for health professionals who prioritize efficient and smooth flow. A solution that reduces the risk of resource-intensive routines and that makes it easier to focus on the core business. 

The system is seamless, scalable and can easily be adapted to fit the needs of the business. It also offers smart integration solutions.To be sure that Webdoc meets the conditions of modern health care, the system and its functionality is developed with the help of a reference group. In addition to this Evimeria make sure to take in the wishes of individual users, and also regularly visit our customers for follow-up.

Usability, flexibility, innovation and dedication are important ingredients of Evimeria’s work with Webdoc, all combined with curiosity, interest and development. Please contact us for
a demonstration or information about the electronic medical records system.

VÅRDRUMMET. In addition to Webdoc, Evimeria also develops a digital platform for interactive health care. A solution that enables healthcare providers to safely communicate with their patients via digital services such as video and chat. 

The solution, called Vårdrummet, also allows the patient to participate more actively in his or her own care, through health declarations and/or online booking. This releases resources and is an effective tool when it comes to patient control and accessibility. 

Vårdrummet is an interactive platform for healthcare providers who wishes to communicate with their patients in new and safe ways, via video, chat and other channels. Besides this, Vårdrummet is also a resource-efficient tool that contributes to strengthened transparency and accessibility. Among other things, patients have the opportunity to book medical appointments online and can easily participate in his or her own health care declarations.

Avans Soma AS - Solutions for the Norwegian health care

Avans Soma AS is a Norwegian development company and reseller of digital systems and tools for users in the segments of social care, rehabilitation, labor market as well as growth initiatives.

Avans Soma offers efficient and future-oriented solutions that provides customers with a good and intuitive work tool. This includes leading medical record systems and IT solutions customized for the Norwegian health care market.

In 2020, after 15 years on their respective markets, the companies Avans and Soma Solutions merged into one company. Later the same year Avans Soma were acquired by Carasent ASA. Read more!

Avans Soma AS currently has 25 employees in offices in Oslo, Bergen and Dale.

For more information, visit https://avanssoma.no/ .