Frelsesarmeen Chooses Carasent’s EHR system Ad Curis

Frelsesarmeen is embarking on a transformative digital journey by collaborating with Carasent Norway to introduce the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, Ad Curis, in its addiction care and recovery clinics across Norway.

In a significant move towards digital transformation, Frelsesarmeen has partnered with Carasent Norway to implement the advanced Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, Ad Curis, across its addiction care and recovery clinics in Norway. This agreement marks a pivotal step for Frelsesarmeen, which operates 20 clinics nationwide.

The annual recurring revenue from this contract is projected to be NOK 3.3 million. Additionally, the deal includes NOK 6 million in consulting revenue for the implementation phase, scheduled to run from June through the end of 2025.

Frelsesarmeen’s clinics will transition from their current EHR systems to Ad Curis, a cloud-based solution tailored specifically for addiction care and recovery professionals. Ad Curis aims to streamline workflows and enhance care quality, enabling healthcare providers to collaborate more effectively with their patients.

Daniel Öhman, CEO of Carasent, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, 

“We are very pleased that Frelsesarmeen has chosen Ad Curis as their core system to support their forward-thinking digitalisation strategy.”

This contract is a testament to Carasent’s continued success in securing new business, with signed but not yet implemented Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) now approximately NOK 17 million, a significant increase from NOK 2 million in Q2 2024. Öhman highlighted that this new ARR will substantially contribute to Carasent’s profitability, given their gross margins exceed 80%.

Ad Curis is designed to address the unique needs of professionals in addiction care, providing innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency and patient care quality.

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