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Carasent brings together expertise and digital technology that simplifies, improves, and streamlines workflows, increases efficiency and enhances the quality of care.
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Our strengths lie in the collective, multidimensional, and experience-based competence we have built over time. Our knowledge is extensive because we operate within multiple segments of health and care. We can identify issues, synergies, and solutions considering the entire ecosystem, not just its components.


We strongly believe that digital technology, automation and easy access to data is key to creating more efficiency in healthcare, reducing unnecessary administration, and freeing up time for care.

Occupational health

By providing occupational health providers with evidence-based solutions, standardised methods and data insights, we seek to improve the working processes and increase the quality and outcome of occupational health services.

Return to work rehabilitation

Our digital solutions enable professionals and clients to collaborate and exchange data through secure channels, saving time and resources across treatments and improving the quality of outcomes.

The Carasent group

Our growing product portfolio comprises market-leading software solutions developed closely with customers and the target market.

HPI provides occupational health providers with evidence-based methods and innovative services for comprehensive health and work environment improvements. Together, we can revolutionise occupational health and create a healthier, more productive workforce for your customers.
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With AD OPUS, work integration social enterprises can seamlessly manage and monitor the participants' progress throughout their journey. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace efficiency as our system streamlines the entire follow-up process.
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