Apptix ASA (OSE ticker: APP) has on April 17, 2018  entered into a Stock
Purchase agreement to acquire 100 % of shares of the Swedish company Evimeria
EMR AB. Due to the size of the transaction an Information Document is required
in accordance with section 3.5 of the "Continuing obligations of stock exchange
listed companies". The Information Document will be published within the
required 30 days timeframe. 

Evimeria EMR AB
Evimeria EMR AB, is based in Gothenburg with 25 employees, including a strong
development team. The company has developed the system called "Webdoc", a cloud
based medical record system with integrated add-on services for the private and
public health care industry. In addition to revenue from license and add-on
services, the company also offer training and consulting services.

Furthermore, Evimeria offer several different services helping their customers
to transform into the new digital era of the health care industry. Examples of
services are video -tele health meetings, chat and other online channels.

Evimeria has today approximately 250 customers in Sweden. The company's income
reached SEK 28 million in 2017 with an EBIT of SEK 4 million. The balance sheet
as per December 31, 2017 shows total assets of SEK 19,6 million, including
intangible assets of SEK 7,5 million and cash of SEK 5,0 million. Total current
liabilities are booked at SEK 8,1 million. 

The development in Scandinavian and European healthcare systems is a shift from
inpatient to outpatient care. Hospital care is being replaced by home and
outpatient care. In addition, demographics in all developed countries is
changing rapidly and the cost of providing health care services is growing fast.
These changes necessitates a shift towards new technology and digital solutions.

Evimera is well positioned for further growth both from a product, system and
market perspective. The digital transformation of the healthcare industry is a
huge opportunity which is expected to grow significantly over the coming years.
While the company's customers as of  today is based in Sweden, the other
Scandinavian countries are considered as potential markets with significant
potential, as well as many other European countries.

Evimerias strategy going forward is to continue to develop and expand
digitalisation that helps customers to meet the future challenges in providing
efficient and qualitative healthcare services.

The Board and Management of Evimeria consist of Jesper Jannerberg, CEO, Lars
Forsberg, CFO, Dennis Höjer, Sales Director and Niclas Hugosson, Business
Developer and Founder.

Johan Lindqvist, the Chairman and major shareholder of Apptix ASA, is one of the
sellers. He has not participated in any decision on behalf of Apptix ASA related
to the transaction. 

The Transaction 
The purchase price is agreed to NOK 75 million and will consist of 81.105.107
shares in Apptix plus a cash consideration of NOK 28,5 million. Following
closing of the transaction the sellers and current shareholders in Evimeria,
will hold a total of 49,9 % of the issued shares in Apptix ASA. 

All sellers and employees of Evimeria will be subject to a 24 month non-compete
obligation. Further, all the consideration share will have a lock-up and will
not be tradeable for a period of 24 months from closing.
Closing of the deal requires Apptix shareholder approval and subsequent issuance
of 81.105.107 new shares. The transaction will be presented to the shareholders
in the Annual 
Shareholder Meeting on May 9 in Oslo. If approved Apptix ASA will following the
issuance of the consideration shares, then have a total of 162.535.285 issued

The cash consideration of NOK 28,5 million will be covered by equity. 

The transaction is expected to be closed on or about May 9 once the
consideration shares have been issued and the cash consideration is paid. 

The Board will further propose to the May 9 shareholder meeting a dividend
payment of NOK 0,35 per share to the shares issued prior to the consideration

No special agreements have been entered into or are expected to be entered into,
with neither the Board nor the Management in either Apptix or Evimeria in
connection with the transaction.  

Apptix ASA strategy and future 

With this acquisition, Apptix ASA has revitalized its strategy and will
following its sale of its US operations, again provide software and consulting
services to a targeted market segment through wholly-owned subsidiaries.  

For further information, please contact:

Johan Lindqvist, Chairman of the Board, at + 46 73 355 0935
Terje Rogne, Board member, + 47 472 02 200

This is an announcement under section 3.4 of the Oslo Børs "Continuing
obligations of stock exchange listed companies".	

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