CARA: Consensus invests in Carasent ASA

The two Consensus funds “Småbolagsfonden” and “Sverigefonden” have, in total,
acquired 1.2 million shares in Carasent ASA. This corresponds to 3% of the votes
and capital, which places the funds in the top ten of the company's list of
largest shareholders.

Consensus fund activities highly focuses on investments in undiscovered small
companies on stock exchange lists that are not normally followed by the
traditional banks and analysts. The management aims to find companies with the
relatively unusual combination of low valuation and strong growth figures. 

- We have had a close eye on Carasent ASA and its subsidiary Evimeria EMR AB for
a period of time and they meet our criterias with profitable, high growth and an
attractive business model in a cyclically insensitive market. All this during a
structural change where digitalisation is a strong drive, says Anders Wright,
fund manager at Consensus.

Evimeria EMR AB develops and delivers digital e-health services to over 400
clinic customers in the private health care market in Sweden and has in recent
years had an average growth of 40% per year. Products and services are delivered
as a SaaS service with a high proportion of repeatable revenue. The strategy
ahead is based on three key foundations: geographical expansion, new market
segments and an expanded product and service offering.

- The fact that one of the most successful small company funds chooses to invest
in the company is a good grade and approval of our work, comments Johan
Lindqvist, Chairman of the Board of Carasent ASA.

For further information contact:
Johan Lindqvist, Chairman of the Board of Carasent ASA 
Cell: +46 733 550935

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