CARA: Insidet trading

Windchange AS, a company controlled by Johan Lindqvist, Chairman of the Board,
has today sold 1 million shares for a price of NOK 22,50 per share to Admaniha
AS, a company controlled by Board member Terje Rogne.
Windchange AS has after this trade 2,815,359 shares in Carasent ASA. Johan
Lindqvist and companies controlled by him, have after this trade 2,824,124
shares which represent 7,0 % of the issued shares, plus 78,573 subscription
rights. Admaniha AS, has after this trade 1,000,000 shares which represents 2,5
% of the issued shares. 

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements in the Norwegian
Securities Trading Act § 5-12, ref. §§ 4-2.

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