Carasent ASA – Carasent sell Confrere brand and customer contracts

Carasent has today entered into a contract to sell the Confrere brand and customer contracts to Compodium International AB ("Compodium"). The Confrere assets financial impact on Carasent LTM Q3 2023 was a turnover of 9.3 MNOK and EBITDA effect of -1 MNOK.

Carasent acquired the customer contracts and the brand Confrere from Confrere 4 AS in August 2022. The technology was not acquired by Carasent but was instead licensed from American company Daily.

The sale of the Confrere assets will result in a write-off of approximately 5 MNOK which can be reduced if Compodium is successful in it’s transfer of customers to their own solution. The financial impact of the Confrere assets on Carasent during the last twelve months Q3 2023 was a negative EBITDA contribution of 1 MNOK and a turnover contribution of 9.3 MNOK.

Carasent CEO Daniel Öhman comments:

“The sale of Confrere allows us to focus, simplify our organization and improve our financial results. Our strength is to build strong eco-systems with solutions that are well integrated into our EHRs such as our patient engagement tools Vårdrummet and Ad Voca. Confrere does not fit in this business model as it is a stand alone video solution competing with all other stand alone video solutions.

This is a good solution for both us and our customers as I feel confident that Compodium will take good care of the Confrere users.”

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