Carasent ASA: Changes in Board and Management

Anna Kinberg Batra proposed as new Board member of Carasent ASA
Dennis Höjer appointed as new CEO

The Nomination Committee of Carasent ASA proposes that Anna Kinberg Batra be
elected as new Board member at the extra Annual General Meeting on January 14,
2021. The Nomination Committee also proposes that Jesper Jannerberg, currently
CEO and large shareholder, will be elected as new Board member.

Anna Kinberg Batra, 50, has extensive experience within politics and related
business landscape in various segments. Previous positions include Leader of the
Opposition and Leader of the Moderate Party from January 2015 to October 2017.
She was also member of the Swedish parliament for Stockholm County from
September 2006 to September 2018 and served as leader of the Moderate party in
the parliament from 2010 to 2015. Her experience also includes local and
regional office including the Stockholm region county council, its central board
and its health and medical board. Anna Kinberg Batra is currently on the of
Board of Collector AB, Svenska rymdaktiebolaget, SolTech Energy Sweden AB and
SJR in Scandinavia AB.

Jesper Jannerberg, 51, today CEO of Carasent ASA, has worked for Carasent ASA
and its subsidiary Evimeria EMR AB in different operational positions for more
than 6 years. Jesper Jannerberg has long and extensive experience from the
health care market as well as the IT cloud industry in general.

The proposal for election of the two new Board members was presented to the
Nomination Committee by representatives of the company's largest shareholders,
who together represent approximately 40 percent of the outstanding shares and
votes. The Nomination Committee has reviewed the proposal and also made
consultation with other major shareholders. The proposal has obtained major
support from all involved shareholders.

The Board of Directors of Carasent ASA announces that it has appointed Dennis
Höjer as new CEO. Dennis is currently CEO of Evimeria EMR AB and COO of Carasent
ASA and will assume his new position January 1st 2021.

"We are pleased to announce Dennis Höjer as new CEO of Carasent. We are
confident that Dennis, with his strategic and performance-oriented skillset and
solid track record in Evimeria EMR AB, has the skills and experience required to
lead the company as it now enters into its next phase of growth", says Johan
Lindqvist, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Carasent.

Dennis Höjer, 33, is currently CEO of Evimeria EMR AB and COO of Carasent ASA, a
position which he has held since 2018. Prior to 2018 Dennis had several
different roles in Evimeria related to sales and marketing and he has been
within the group since 2013.

"I am proud to be appointed CEO of Carasent, a company which I believe has the
potential to be one of the market leaders in digitalization of the rapidly
growing open care healthcare market. The primary focus going forward will be to
make sure we continue to grow on our existing core markets in Sweden, but also
to leverage acquisitions and organic initiatives in new geographies and
segments. I look forward to the challenge and together with the team to take
Carasent to even better performance", says Dennis Höjer.

Jesper Jannerberg, CEO of Carasent ASA since May 2018, has decided to focus more
on strategic tasks for Carasent. He remains a large shareholder and is proposed
elected as Board member in Carasent ASA. In connection with the change Jesper
"I am very satisfied with this change and are convinced Carasent with Dennis as
new CEO, is well positioned for future growth."

For further information, please contact:
Johan Lindqvist, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Phone: +46 733 550935

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