Disclosure of shareholding – clarification

Reference is made to disclosure published Oct 26th 
2012, see link attached.  Companies controlled by 
Arne Blystad have not held less than 5% of 
outstanding shares in Apptix ASA at any time after 
the disclosure Oct 26th 2012.

To clarify, and to be precise, we would like to 
inform that  Spencer Trading Inc, has added its 
holding of shares in Apptix ASA since the disclosure 
date, and broke the 5% threshold feb 14th through a 
purchase of 471.171 shares at a price of 3,50 per 

Companies controlled by Mr Arne Blystad control today 
5.919.256 shares in Aptix asa, representing 7,27 % of 
the outstanding shares.  

The holding is distributed as follows: 
Spencer Trading Inc    4.919.256
AKB AS                 333.334
AGMABLY AS             333.333
JJB AS                 333.333   
Total                  5.919.256

Link to disclose Oct 26th 2012:

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